Xepta Roti Feeder




Xepta Roti Feeder is a natural gel food based on a special selection of algae for the cultivation of rotifers. Traditional rotifer diets usually cause certain levels of residues that cause deterioration of crop water, which subsequently affects rotifer quality. Xepta Roti Feeder has been developed to offer excellent reproduction, but without compromising the culture medium, it also increases the fertility and the natural protein profile of the rotifer.

The product is presented in a ready-to-use suspension, which can be added by hand or by means of a metering pump.

Ingredients: algae, proteins, fish oils, minerals, emulsifiers, phospholipids and vitamins

  • Protein: 54%
  • Lipids: 15%
  • n-3 HUFA: 30mg / g
  • DHA / EPA: 3
Weight 1.5 kg


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