Xepta SR-UP!


Concentrated strontium solution necessary for hard corals, clams and marine invertebrates


Strontium is a compound present in seawater, in concentrations of approximately 8 mg/l. Strontium is necessary for the correct growth of corals and has been proved to interfere in the coral’s ability to produce its calcareous skeleton.

Xepta SR-UP! supplies strontium to amend the possible lack of this element in the aquarium salt water.

Do not use together with Xepta Reef Balance, a problem of toxicity could occur when doubling dose of this element.

Content: Strontium.

Dosage: 1ml / 100l of aquarium water per day.

This dose is calculated for aquaria with medium-high coral loading, for average loading use 50% of the dose.

For advanced users who have a reliable strontium test it is necessary to take into account that every ml of Xepta SR-UP! increases strontium level by 1ppm.

Weight 0.5 kg


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